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About us

Dinosaur Experiences Australia presents visitors the best of Australia’s Prehistoric experiences to discover some of the great wonders of the palaeontological world.

To promote Australia’s world-class discoveries under one banner, a group of dinosaur tourism operators has formed Dinosaur Experiences Australia to tell the story of prehistoric Australia.

The collective launched in 2024 with four founding members: the Eromanga Natural History Museum, Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre, Kronosaurus Korner, and Flinders Discovery Centre.

Each attraction curates’ projects and experiences that provide visitors with unique opportunities to travel back in time or be part of history in the making through hands-on dig or fossil experiences.

Enjoy travelling back into the time when dinosaurs roamed the world.

John Fitzgerald | Chair
Principal, The Experience Era Pty Ltd

Corey Richards | Director
General Manager, Eromanga Natural History Museum

Barbara Smith | Director
Director of Community Services and Wellbeing, Flinders Discovery Centre

Jodie Fox | Director
General Manager, Kronosaurus Korner

Martin Turner | Director
Manager, Outback at Isa

Ingrid Sellarulo | Executive Officer
Director, Inspired Tourism