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What sort of organisation is Dinosaur Experiences Australia

The company Dinosaur Tourism Collective, trading as Dinosaur Experiences Australia, is an alliance of attractions offering paleontological experiences that allow visitors to discover, experience and travel back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the world.

The collective has launched with five founding members, including Eromanga Natural History Museum, Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre, Kronosaurus Korner and Flinders Discovery Centre.  Each member represents a significant dinosaur experience in Queensland, Australia. The members are spread across the outback and reflect the diversity of the dinosaur experience. Collectively, these attractions represent a significant opportunity to unify the outback behind the dinosaur theme to grow new tourism demand and broaden the appeal to consumers. Each member curates projects and experiences that express a dimension of Queensland, Australia’s Dinosaur narrative, providing visitors with a window into our stories and the life that has come before us.

The company is established as a not-for-profit whose purpose is to advance the Paleontological experiences of Australia. The company will achieve its purpose by providing services to the Australian paleontological attractions to assist in connecting with new visitors, by promoting packages that allow visitors to discover, learn and participate in these attractions, and by supporting Paleotropical attractions to develop new and engaging experiences and become more accessible to both consumers and global distribution partners.

Dinosaur Experiences Australia was made possible by seed funding and support from the Department Premier and Cabinet and Tourism and Events Queensland.

Booking online

The Dinosaur Experiences Australia website has been developed to showcase a collection of Paleo experiences. Bookings and booking enquiries are to be made directly with each member organisation.

Booking details are supplied with each experience description. Any bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of that attraction. Contact details are listed in the attractions section of the website.

Becoming a member

All members must meet a selection criterion to be admitted to Dinosaur Experiences Australia. Organisations interested in becoming a member of Dinosaur Experiences Australia should contact the Executive Officer at [email protected]